Windows 8 Consumer Preview Official Demo

Here’s a look at Windows 8 Consumer Preview in action from Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management for User Experience on the Windows Team. For more info, visit: Update: For all the haters blaming Windows 8 for not being efficient on Desktops, using the mouse and keyboard.


  1. elFlexor says:

    the win7-style desktop is an app itself and works exactly as in win7. the only big difference that takes a little getting used to is the absence of the start menu (you have the start screen) and that shutting down takes one click more than on win7 ^^

  2. qauntz says:

    It’s cool that it works on all platforms and with lots of apps and websites but IT’S TOO DIFFERENT!! The only thing I could use would be the task manager and the copy window.

  3. SwampRatKing says:

    I have major concerns with the Cloud system, especially concerning security and DRM. If our programs float about in the ether of the web, need we be connected to the internet to access simple programs that we enjoy? Do we then own the programs that we purchase, or are we merely leasing them, like Diablo 3?

    Also, how quickly can you minimize/close out of porn on Windows 8? As an adult male, this is extremely important to my computer experience. Also, does The Cloud know about my porn?

  4. royalcritter says:

    This looks awesome, great work guys!!! I am curious how everything will function with multiple monitors, I have two at home and three at work and I would hope for some really cool functionality. I’m also concerned about how the new tiles will work on slower machines. Overall though I am super excited for general release.

  5. HeavenlyShogun says:

    can I install apps and put them on my desktop instead of putting them on the start screen???

  6. isactucker says:

    we know your lame too 😉

  7. isactucker says:

    if this is relaesed it will be an epic fail, save your money Microsoft go to windows 9 now because windows 8 is going to wreak your company 😉

  8. fresiek89 says:

    all these apps,but how do you make a simple folder???

  9. DiNatalli says:


  10. kakulupia3 says:

    windows 7 is so f**ing fine . deal with it

  11. darkhunter513 says:

    is desktop also on the tablet versions?

  12. steltheffect says:

    Microsoft is finally making windows awesome again.

  13. gekkeabt says:

    this is not for a desktop, this is not for a tablet THIS IS FOR AN HYBRID ULTRABOOK, it would be great !:D

  14. molten09able says:

    Cut the Rope is not full version

  15. garde2k10 says:

    xbox dashboard much

  16. TheYattway says:


  17. qtworth says:

    What? O.o I have windows because I don’t like the Mac software. That’s why.

  18. warex3d says:

    Hey haters! you are the minority, most of people love this interface.

  19. Adrammalech7570 says:

    Uhh, can Windows 8 not turn my laptop into an oversized tablet…

    without the touchscreen.

  20. mella206 says:

    shit shit shit shit shit, nothing like windows/ microsoft what so ever what a waste :L maze well just buy a windows phone and keep windows 7 :L

  21. HeartOfTheNoob says:

    Honestly, how hard can it be to Google how to use the new features? They’re not that hard to learn to use. And nobody is forcing anyone to use Metro UI, just click on the Desktop app and there you go.

  22. takhs7 says:

    I liked the task manager and copy dialog but the rest is just useless crap for desktop users. Instead of making 200 different stupid editions of the same OS (im talking about ultimate, home, professional etc.) they should make one for desktop and one for touch devices.

  23. Jasenko33 says:

    XP & 7 if you want Windows :))

  24. zllatan8 says:


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