WHITNEY HESS: Design Principles: The Philosophy of UX

www.ignitenyc.org – twitter.com Whitney Hess, user experience designer, explores the principals of good user design through real world examples including: bathrooms, the birth control aisle at the drug store, doorbells, sandwich shops, and bookstores. twitter.com whitneyhess.com 5minutes and 20 slides rotating automatically in front of NYC’s brightest geeks, what would you say? For nearly two years Ignite NYC has cultivated a vibrant community of artists, technologists, thinkers, tinkerers, and personalities to connect, develop new relationships and projects, and answer this challenge. Enlighten us, but make it quick!


  1. krp264 says:

    Asthmanex inhalers (my son uses for daily asthma control) ´╗┐ are a great example of the provide feedback principle you could use in your presentation vs. the regular asthma inhaler. It has a counter to let you know how many doses are left AND clicks so you can hear your next dose is properly loaded.

  2. benjudydotcom says:

    Excellent talk. Great examples! I just did an Ignite talk´╗┐ in Dallas and I spoke about user experience. I know how stressful (but fun) it can be! Great job, Whitney.

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