User Experience Review on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb 3.1 with Netflix

#62 Best Apps of the Week should be on Monday. Here is my user interface review on basic functions of the stock 3.1 OS on Android Tabs AND YES NETFLIX IS RUNNING ON MY TAB without rooting!!! —HOME— Home Screens 1:29 App Drawer 1:50 Softkey and Hard Buttons 2:06 Notications 2:48 —OPENING APPS— Browser 3:38 Market 3:50 YouTube 4:36 —WIDGETS— Widgets 6:22 —NETFLIX— Netflix app 8:21 heres the link —SET APPS— Add Apps 9:47 —CAMERA— Picture & Video 10:19 —ADW LAUNCHER EX— ADW 11:03 —FLASH— Adobe Flash Support 12:36 —GAMES— Tegra Games 13:42 I will update to Samsung’s touchwiz soon and review the difference of that version. I will be rooting my Tab here as well too. I don’t know if ill make a video on rooting it as I am watching a video on how to do it myself. but who knows I may. Official website is My temporary running website Follow me on Follow me on Im on Google+


  1. Leiton75 says:

    thumbs up…cool review
    will b getting 2 weeks
    how can one add songs 2 it, and will the cd covers show on it?
    again great review.

    oh i did sub :)
    keep up the great work

  2. spunkflunk says:

    ipad should be called teh big ipod touch

  3. musicd00d2010 says:

    question. when android for tablets 3.0, (honeycomb) and the motorola xoom first came out, there weren’t a lot of apps. obvoiusly that its nearing 4.0 and there are a lot more android tablets, there is a lot more apps, but what about the quality of the apps? cant really find a review that focuses on the Android market specifically for tablets.

  4. Topagent567 says:

    11 dislikes are ipad users fags

  5. DrAkebans says:


  6. OntheirfacessSss says:

    @CooLoserTech this question is the most important to me D: the game tap tap revenge 4 runs??? And what are the methods to eliminate de choppy feeling?

  7. 97Sohaib says:

    It’s actually TouchWiz *UI*

  8. 97Sohaib says:

    Gonna get this baby soon :D

  9. EnriqueNicholas says:

    best review on the tab available in youtube

  10. jhr2112 says:

    Is a bu’N the same as a button?

  11. Jordan93069306 says:

    Really good review, love the bookmarks in the info box. Nice touch :)

  12. cookmyrecipe says:

    does the mobile apps work with the tablet too???

    this is one question that shys me away from android tablets..

  13. BIGD797 says:

    which background is this?

  14. otas32 says:

    Love the video man! I’m getting my Tab 10.1 3G soon!!

    Could I ask a huge favor? I know nothing about honeycomb or even android. So I have no idea about apps…
    Do you have an app and games list anywhere I could go check out? The ones you recommend, from the basics to more complex.
    For instance, I’m a designer, so I’m gonna get Sketchbook Pro and some of the Adobe tablet apps.
    Thanks for any suggestion!

  15. ajanthanm12 says:

    How to make call with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G +Wifi model…???

  16. sandie391 says:

    can’this playing facebook games

  17. sandie391 says:

    is this better then ipad ????

  18. CooLoserTech says:

    @ivovazov it was a bit choppy, but there are other methods to over clock and have it alot smoother, its still the best dual core tablet, im waiting on a Quad core tablet from Asus Transformer Prime, look it up =]

  19. CooLoserTech says:

    @CoolWoman98 go to settings > Applications > Manage Apps > then scroll to the app launcher and select it, then scroll to the part where it says, clear defaults =]

  20. CoolWoman98 says:

    Quick question…..the hubby hit the stock launcher button after turning on the G-tab and then checked the use as default box. how do I get back to the option of using adw ex as my launcher again? it doesnt show up since he decided to check the box? help please. thx!

  21. ivovazov says:

    It seems choppy to me..! Choppier than my iPhone 3G.. Yuuk:-(

  22. baraphilip says:

    lol im watching thus from a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 haha

  23. xXChronosKittyXx says:

    wow the tab really does a lot more than people made it out to do, looks so much more interesting than the ipad2 I never really liked just the boring sliding idea with all the apps, its just feels like it didnt do much, I mean ofcourse the ipad has thousands of apps but the homescreen is hardly customisable at all :S still trying to decide which one I want but leaning more to the samsung tab side now :) thanks for this awesome video.

  24. blackking503 says:

    thanks for the video. i bought my wife a Ipad 2, i get kinda bored on it. been looking to get a tab and this video may have sold me on it. ipad is nice but i love android

  25. MrBillybent101 says:

    lol…wasnt that fast to turn on…?

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