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  1. TheKrystalKitty says:

    Toby. Is. Fucking. Awesome. At. Dancing. xD

  2. BadassProject says:

    best. fucking. dance. ever.

  3. IWillNomYourCookies says:

    In Just Dance 4, they better but toby’s dance on it 😀

  4. 58percival says:

    your mama from your biggest fan peace off

  5. Agentkip1 says:

    You actually dance really nice :3

  6. edster365 says:


  7. edster365 says:

    rofl toby ur a dumb ass

  8. Waarisubs says:

    All platforms?
    Dumb blonde is dumb.

  9. brakoify says:

    Sad thing is, he’s actually pretty good. lol

  10. awexzabob says:

    hilarious and nice dancin

  11. hahasmurf21 says:

    i dont think i will be able to forget toby dancing

  12. DeliverThePizza says:

    …just the way he walks on to the stage….

  13. soulkiller247 says:

    toby… is your mom proud of your accomplishments? xD

  14. MeganSJC99 says:

    I laughed so hard!! 😀

  15. monkeyman2355 says:

    Best dancer ever

  16. Xandar44 says:

    @chickadee2311 I’m nerding in my mouth and chest.

  17. avgnultimate says:


  18. dontbesckmindedLOL says:

    SWAG dance

  19. Skyway2000Vlogs says:

    @Kevaul0 You copied others. ‘Nuff said.
    *haters gonna hate*

  20. best0gamer0of0all says:

    ATCHOOO….thanx toby.,…

  21. best0gamer0of0all says:

    @chickadee2311 Was it messy?

  22. Kevaul0 says:

    @Skyway2000Vlogs Ok tell me…
    I came up with the “Nuff said”
    So either some people copied me or another dude made up nuff said without him knowing i came up with it.

  23. rocketeer2020 says:


  24. Scrappy3457 says:

    Toby is the best dancer ever

  25. superbeast071 says:

    Guy1 in back: “is that Toby on stage?
    Guy2 in back: ” yeah. Should we get him off?
    Guy1 in back: “nah, let him rock out.”
    Girl1 in back: ” GO TOBY!!!”

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