TLDR: Package Tracking, Schools, Theories, and Gaming

What is User Experience, Anyway? Track Your Packages with Fara and Win a Kindle Fire! Magnet Schools and Your Children Game Theory Vs. Decision Theory 10 Tips to Promote Your Social Media Profiles How to Remove Vocals From a Song Using Audacity What is the Ludum Dare Competition? Join us when the countdown ends!


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    Non super expensive electronic wise i weigh the price with what i will get out of it.

    For a quick example, Video Games, if a game is new at $65 and i know i will only play it once, maybe twice and it’s 6-9 hours long i will rent or wait for a sale, take skyrim i knew i would easily put 100+ hours, thats far less then a dollar per hour which to me is great and a valid purchase, a movie? lets say i want X on blu-ray but will only watch twice and it’s $20, i will wait till its on sale for $10-15

  4. mickeyluvr13 says:

    I am at a Charter School, which seems somewhere between a Public School and a Magnet School. I like going to my school (BART if you care) because it is newer, I entered the school when it was 2 or 3 years old. Love the videos KEEP EM UP! (By the way, I got the ee cummings bit there)

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    Can anyone tell me why i can’t watch a live broadcast from germany? Just like the TLDR that just aired / is airing. Everytime i try to watch i get the message “Video not available”.

  6. TheMarkusQ says:

    I usually look up reviews on YouTube and take into consideration the product’s launch date to see if I should just wait until the new version comes out.

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    I shat gold brix

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    Gaffer!  Great show, very informative.

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    Gaffer. Can’t like because: “Sorry, you can’t like or dislike a live video that hasn’t aired yet.” LoL

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    gaffer nice topics :)

  19. XimontageiX says:

    Sharing movies, tv shows through google + hangouts was one of the first things I did, I think its great

  20. CompTutts says:

    11 videos for a day wow that means that you will double the number of 3050 videos which was the number of videos you had before you started those 11 videos a day until the end of 2012

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    gaffer,good video

  22. kicbocsir says:

    i usually do a search under your videos, and see if you done any reviews on them..

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    @NSBexclusive22 I thought the same thing but then I realized @lockergnome is providing all this free content to us everyday. It may not seem like much but doing a 1 hour live stream is a lot of work. That’s just my two cents…

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