Web App Performance Testing Using WebDriver

By Michael Klepikov Web UI responsiveness is a very important part of great user experience. At the same time, it could be hard to achieve and easy to inadvertently break, as it is affected by a great number of nontrivial factors — variable network latency, browser-specific rendering algorithms, JavaScript garbage collection, to name a few. This talk (or workshop?) will focus on automated performance and latency testing for web frontends, using WebDriver. I will present best practices for measuring performance and latency, automating the tests to get reliable and repeatable results, and making sense of the data. We will also explore ways to monitor how the app performs for real users.

Application & Server Performance Monitoring

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Applied Sciences Group: High Performance Touch

Modern touch devices allow one to interact with virtual objects. However, there is a substantial delay between when a finger moves and the display responds. Microsoft researchers, Albert Ng and Paul Dietz, have built a laboratory test system that allows us to experience the impact of different latencies on the user experience. The results help us to understand how far we still have to go in improving touch performance.