Apple iPad Review – iBooks and Kindle eBook applications for iPad In this review of the Apple iPad I will show you the real user experience of two possible eBook / eReader applications that are available on the Apple iPad. The new iBooks application from Apple and the already existing but updated for iPad Kindle application.

Kindle Fire vs iPod Touch – Twitter: Google+: RSS Feed: Facebook: Empire Avenue: In the video battler we put the Kindle Fire into battle with the iPod Touch. Now at first when you look at both of these devices you wouldn’t think there is any real way to compare them since they are designed different and meant for two totally different markets. But at the their respective price points of $200 its cause many to compare them to see which is best for them money. The iPod Touch is well-known and proven and the Kindle Fire is the new guy in the market looking make waves. The Kindle Fire is aimed at being a more consumer friendly media consumption tablet. There isn’t much you can do for content creation. Its goal is to make it easy and simple to read books, play games, watch moves and TV shows and buy them from the Amazon store along with other products. It comes with a 7 inch screen to make sure you can experience this content well in a portable but not pocketable device. Its using Android with a heavily customized user experience on top of it which is design for anyone to pick up and use. The iPod Touch is for the MP3 Player and PMP (Portable Media Player) market. It’s all about taking your content on the go from music, movies, TV shows and games. This portable and pocketable device gives you the ability to enjoy your content anywhere. Similar to the Kindle fire is all about consuming content and not so much creating and the

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet – live first look – Here’s a first look at the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet from the official launch event in New York. The Fire features a 7-inch 1024×600 pixel IPS display and a dual-core processor and runs a customized version of the Android operating system. The entire user experience has been rebuilt by Amazon, and the tablet features full integration with Amazon Prime streaming services as well as its Kindle books. Even Amazon’s EC2 cloud hosting gets in on the Fire’s show, as it powers part of the browsing experience in Amazon’s new Silk web browser. More info:

HFI Video – How UX explains the Kindle Fire success with Dr. Eric Schaffer

Eric Schaffer explains the success of the Kindle Fire from an overall user experience perspective. Download the related white paper at Description: Amazon’s Kindle Fire launched in late 2011 with much fanfare and mixed reviews. Millions of units were sold in the fourth quarter, but the media reviews focused on weaknesses in the design. What would cause millions of people to purchase the Kindle Fire in spite of design features that could be better? In this video, Eric Schaffer, CEO of Human Factors International, goes beyond classic usability to consider the overall user experience. Dr. Schaffer: -Considers how the Kindle Fire fits the users’ ecosystems -Uses PET (Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust) Analysis to uncover the blocks and drives that influence Fire buyers’ decisions -Discusses the impact of engineering fun into the design of the Kindle Fire