Samsung Galaxy Note: The Experience of Both Smart Phone and Tablet PC

Announced by Samsung 25th Sep., Galaxy S II has been sold over 10 million. And 15th Oct. The sales of Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II break through 30 million. Another good news for Samsung, in the third quarter, Samsung suppassed Apple and became the number one smart phone producer around the world.

In 2011, Samsung’s development in the field of smart phone is really fast. Galaxy S II’s success makes Samsung more confidence on the combination of Hyun-screen, ultra-thin and high-performence and the screen size goes up fastly. From the Galsxy S’s 4 inches to Galaxy S II’s 4.3 inches and the Samsung I919 reaches 4.52 inches and now the brand new Galaxy Note’s screen is 5 inches that makes itself a cross between smart phone and tablet PC.

In fact, Samsung already released big screen smart phone Galaxy Tab, 7 inches screen makes users think it is a tablet PC. And from the way it named, it is true. After that Samsung published Tablet PC is also named after “Galaxy Tab”. In daily use, people use Bluetooth headset to make a phone call instead of holding the phone in hand.

Samsung Galsxy Note uses a 5.3 inches WXGA 1280*800 screen and with a special Multi-stylus: S-Pen. The size of it makes it easy to take and also provides users the experience of tablet pc on a smart phone.

From the first feeling of Galaxy Note, it is just like a bigger Galaxy S II. Black ultro-thin body with rounded rectangle home button, even the location of the voice button and lock button are almost the same with it. While the supper big screen give you a shock when you open the screen.

You may feel that it is not a smart phone. 1280*800 WXGA resolution, it means that diagonal pixel will reach 1510. In 5.3 inches screen, there is 285 pixel in one inch, it is also called ppi. Though it is not the most meticulous screen, it makes Galaxy Note superior to most smart phone on screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note’s icon has smooth edge without sawtooth. The big resolution makes it can show more information on the screen. It can takes 25 app icon(5*5) and 5 Dock icon. 30 icons in one screen is the first seen on smart phone’s screen. The superiority of big screen and resolution can be found much easier when you browse web and input words.

It is said that Galaxy Note is a bigger Galaxy S II. It is truth that some of the design of them are the same. The logo of samsung on the top of the screen and the rounded rectange home button are the same. And the return button and menu button are at left and right of the home button with white backlight. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Note succeed the style of Galaxy family and the 5.3 inches 16:10 screen makes the bogy reaches 82.95mm, but the thickness of it is less than 1cm, 9.65mm. The big body makes it easy to input with two hands and brings better game and internet experience to users. But it is hard to hold it in one hand expecially to female users.

The answer of if Galaxy Note can bring users a better experience of game and internet is that it takes a 1.4GHz Exynos Dual-core processor with two ARM Cortex A9 process build-in and Mali-400 Graphics chip. From the SMDKC210 CPU, we can say that Samsung Galaxy Note still uses S5PC210(Exynos4210) solution, which is the same as Galaxy S II. Samsung Galaxy Note RAM 1GB, after you turn on it and clear all the apps, the basic RAM takeup of the system is 500MB. ROM has 16GB and 32 GB version and with a max 32GB Micro SD expand.

Now lets talk about the multi-stylus: S-pen. I think the S-Pen is a result of the homogenization of the Android devices nowadays. Every producer wants to show their differents among competitors, so Samsung gives their new product a multi-stylus. S-Pen can be taken out from the bottom of the body. It has no difference with other capacitance pen except a button on it. The button is like the button on a multi-mouse, which assists the capacitance pen finish different operation. Let’s talk about some examples of the S-pen. Take a screenshot at any time. You just need to press and hold the button on the S-Pen and touch the screen, you can take a screenshot easily. While the Home button + lock button’s screenshot operation still works. The only different of them is that the screenshot from S-Pen, you can easily add your own notes on it. You can directly enter the edit interface of the screenshot you take from S-Pen. And add your own notes on it with S-Pen. It provides 4 kinds of pens: sign pen, writing brush, pencil and water-color paint brush. You can also choose the color, thickness and also the transparency of your notes. It provides 16 kinds of color, you can change them from a drop-down list. Of course, you can finish the operation with your finger, but it is better to use S-Pen, because it is more accurate and has better experience with S-Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note has a 8 million pixel camera with auto focus, touch focus and a wealth of camera opetions. Through the edit shortcut, you can drag the the edit options like widget on the desktop, so you can rearrange the operation bar according your own habit. You can manually adjust the exposure, ISO, white balance and also built a variety of scene modes to adaopt to different lighting needs. It is said that Samsung Galaxy Note’s comprehensive camera options can meet the nees of normal users. For professionals, it is also a nice camera to use. It can take a picture with 3264*2448 at max and support 1080P full HD video. Users can also play 1080P video with the build-in player, you can drag the bar to set where to see without a frustrated picture.

Let’s come to the conclusion, Samsung galaxy Note break the line of the screen size of smart phone with a big innovation, such as S-Pen, which can make users forget the fingers. 5.3 inches screen provides big info on the screen and the double bar design in the SMS and E-mail are rare in smart phone design. The most important, 1280*800 WXGA resolution brings you a tablet pc experience.

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