Personl Experience of Using Crest White strips

Having white and beautiful teeth is everyone dream but paying for expensive professional procedures is not for anyone, that is why our last hope are the home teeth whitening products and as an user of Crest White strips  I will review this product so you can see that if you follow the usage description regularly the results are positive!

I had tried many products I have saw on commercials but most are too cheap to work and others are just pure commercial fakes which mean those only weaken your teeth instead of giving you whitening feature. Thanks to one of my friends I came close to the Crest White strips  which I found it to be not that cheap but very easy to use with positive results I saw from user reviews, for this reason I tried it out.

For 40$ I bought the package which included 84 white strips, 42 for upper teeth and 42 for lower strips. That means if you follow the guideline which means daily usage you have enough strips for whole month and if you use it regularly like me there will be positive results, my teeth became 2 shades whitener after first 1 month!

How did I use it? First I prepare my teeth which means I did not brush them before else the white strips do not work, remember that. Next thing I did was to peel off the strip and then hardly press it and place the strip on my teeth, both upper and lower. Before I did that I also avoided any coffee, soda or tea, usually 1 hour before for maximum results. I left the strip for 30 minutes on my teeth to work and then I put them down and brushed my teeth. Doing this twice per day once in the morning and once at night I saw first results already after 1 week after usage which is incredible!

You can see there are many users who had positive results after using the Crest Whitestrips but only those who actually used it twice or once per day regularly, not those that tried it twice per week and hoped for best results. 

Have a look at more user reviews and best prices on the Crest Whitestrips site. Here you will find Crest white strips coupon. Check this out.

UXPA 2014 Julian Hirst - User Experience Design

The Futureheads UX team interviewed Julian Hirst, CEO of Tobias & Tobias, ahead of the UXPA 2014 International Conference in London. In this video, he shares…

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Changing the Way to Experience New Masterpieces

Nokia and HTC are the prominent brands in the realm of communication and devices of these two firms are highly esteemed by the users all over the globe due to their outlandish features. These two corporations have always focused on innovating their gadgets at par with the market demands. However, they are also known for the distinct features of their mobile phones. Nokia is highly popular for easy to use features and high durability of its handsets. To better judge about Nokia N97 vs HTC Snap, it is usually required to compare both the devices. Quite interestingly, with the coming of online comparison websites, it has become quite facile to compare mobile phones and their different deals.

When it comes to talk time of Nokia N97, it scores better compared to HTC Snap as it delivers a talk time of approximately nine hours in a single Endeavour. Whereas, the Snap is offering talk time of eight hours. Another stunning feature of these two devices is the feature of document viewer which helps users to view documents in the formats of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

HTC Snap is being offered to its users in brown colour compared to Nokia N97 which is offered in white and black colours. To entertain the users, N97 is offering five mega pixel cameras with auto focus feature. Whereas, the Snap model comes embedded with 2 MP cameras to delight the users. The two unique masterpieces are offering immense capacious memory capacity to store huge information. Further, they are also having the provision of memory card to increase the storage space.

Both the devices are capable to send MMS; multimedia message and SMS or text message. The powerful browsers of the phones make them capable for users to access to Internet at fast pace. When Nokia N97 is supported by quadra band, how can then HTC Snap be left behind and hence, they can be used internationally without any glitches of network coverage.

The N97 model is measured to have weight of 150 grams compared to 120 grams weight of the Snap. Both, the handsets are embedded with features like GPRS, USB, Bluetooth and competent music player. Very amazingly, they are also very beautifully crafted so as to satisfy the instincts of fashion-conscious people. When N97 is supported by simple keypad without any trackball, Snap is coming in the store near you with a trackball for faster movement. Both the firms are trying to have unlimited features in the devices due to which the two are packed with QWERTY keyboard for fast navigation. The two gizmos let their users download games that enhance the glory and fun of the phones. What makes both the gadgets special is the feature of GPS which makes them a perfect navigational devices. To cite a huge similarity between Nokia N97 vs HTC Snap, they are blessed with TFT screen.

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Marc Hassenzahl explains the fascinating concept of User Experience and Experience Design. Read Marc’s chapter with commentaries by Don Norman, Eric Reiss, M…
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Experience Magical Features With Htc Gratia

HTC has introduced various kinds of handset which are having their own importance. For example if you want to have a highly advanced featured gadget then purchasing HTC HD 7 will be the right decision and if you are looking for a fancy handset then HTC Wildfire will be good but if you are thinking of buying a compact widget then certainly HTC Gratia contract will be the best option to grab instead of others. This handset comes with capacitive touch screen of 3.2 inch with a high resolution. It has the dimensions of 103.8 x 57.7 x 11.7 mm and the weight is just 115 g which enables you to keep it comfortably in the pocket. You can also store a number of songs, videos and images in your handset as it provides you the storage capacity up to 32 GB by using micro SD slot card.

You can also get high speed Internet facilities because this handset is also providing a great download speed up to 7.2 mbps and upload speed up to 2.0 mbps which makes you enjoy emails, web browsing, video streaming as well as chat with so much ease. There is also an integrated powerful 5 MP digital camera which enables you to take images with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels.

There is also the facility of video recording in HTC Gratia. As this handset works on Android Operating system and comes with a powerful 600 MHz Qualcomm mobile processor so it is obvious that it will run powerfully and there will not be any problem in Internet speed. Apart from these features you will get various HTC Gratia deals from almost networking companies of UK. These deals are included as SIM free deals, contract deals and Pay As You Go deals which provide many free gifts with the phone and mobile phone offers as well.

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Digital Cameras For Perfect Photography Experience

Digital cameras have become quite popular in India. Nowadays, many amateur photography enthusiasts as well as professional photographers prefer to invest on it because the commodity offers user friendliness, high quality pictures and convenience. A Digital camera scores lots of merits over old day cameras. Today one can record videos and sounds in these cameras along with still photographs. One can now not only view recorded images on these advanced imaging devices but can also store thousands of images on a single small memory device. Not only this, the camera also allows a person can also delete all unwanted photographs.

To cater to the burgeoning demand of digital cameras in India, many domestic as well as international camera manufacturing and imaging solutions providing companies have introduces innovative, high performance products in the market. Canon digital camera is one of the most trusted and reputed imaging solutions brand in India. The company manufactures many quality products for different consumer segments in India. Canon’s products are attributed with different features, configurations and specifications and their price depends on the configuration offered in the camera.

A Canon imaging device with higher mega pixel configuration will cost one more. Generally, people prefer to invest on digital cameras with higher configuration as such products are not purchased every day.

Canon has launched D-slr cameras for different consumer groups. Some of the famous product ranges of Canon in camera segment are EOS, Powershot, IXUS and EF lense series. These can also be used to store images, print images directly from printer, connect to PC for transfer and storage of images and so on. Advanced imaging technology cameras are a must when you go out for a tour or holiday. And what’s best than Canon digital cameras. Your choice of camera is dependent upon the type of camera, and the budget. Novice photographers should opt for self-adjusting focus to get quality images at minimum possible cost and efforts.

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Get the Best HTC Experience With HTC Titan

HTC has finally released one of its newest Windows 7 handsets the epic HTC Titan. Despite its colossal 4.7-inch screen, it only weighs 160 grams so users can comfortably fit it into their pockets. It runs on the latest Windows Phone 7 Mango so it leaves users with more room for multitasking. It also comes with a user-friendly music player, an 8-megapixel camera, and a powerful 1.5 GHz processor. While some techie geeks may find Titans screen too big, others believe that its bright and sharp touch screen display actually makes it a worthwhile investment.

Windows Phone 7 Mango

HTC Titan is one of the first smartphones that started the second wave of Windows Phone 7 handsets. Windows Phone 7 Mango, a powerful operating system, brings a number of useful updates as well as useful features for multitasking. Its operating system is also distinctive because it comes with large tiles that are neatly arranged on the skin for live updates. Along with the HTC Sense interface, HTC Titan seems to be one of the most user-friendly smartphones available in the market.

Camera and internal memory

HTC Titan comes with an 8-megapixel camera that outperforms all the other cameras found in other smartphones. Aside from its dual flash, it also comes with an impressive 2.2f aperture that allows it to perform better in poor lighting conditions. Users can also use this feature to blur foreground or background of pictures in an artistic manner. Its decent 28 mm wide angle also allows users to take photos of large groups without standing far too back.

While its powerful camera can also capture HD videos at an amazing 720p resolution, its front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera is great for video calling and capturing videos that are of VGH quality. HTC Titan is one of the first Windows phones with a front-facing camera, making it a worthy competition for Android handsets and iPhones. It also comes with 16 GB of internal memory so you can easily store all your favorite songs and music in one device.

Design and hardware

Once you get over its impressive touch screen display and powerful camera, you will immediately think of how you will get this big device inside your pocket. Although it comes with a large screen, it only measures 9.9 mm thick so it holding and storing it will not be a problem for the average person. HTC has also sensibly opted to avoid adding extra bulk by not adding a kickstand to its hardware. As with other HTC handsets, Titans build quality is certainly impressive because its case looks solid and sleek.

Overall HTC experience

Now that Microsoft has already locked down the Windows 7 experience, HTC has managed to add more value to Titan by enhancing its pre-loaded applications. HTC Watch, one of its best applications, is perfect for downloading the latest movies and television shows. Its huge, wide-angle screen also complements HTC watch. Over a high-speed Wi-Fi network, movie playback on HTC Titan is nearly perfect. If you have always been looking for a powerful handset that you can use for watching movies and reading long emails while you are commuting to work, HTC Titan is certainly your best choice.

Check out these fantastic HTC Titan deals or these brand new Blackberry 9810 deals.

The Futureheads UX team interviewed Jason Mesut, Head of UX at Plan, ahead of the UXPA 2014 International Conference in London. In this video, he talks about…
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Honda Activa for Hassle- free Riding Experience

About 15 years back, Kinetic gearless bikes used to be popular choice of Indian consumers who wanted hassle free personalized transportation. In the year 2001, Honda motorcycles and scooters launched Honda Activa – one of the most popular and best selling, family two wheeler scooter in India. The bike was an instant hit among both men and women. On one hand, Indian men liked the compact, stylish design and load carrying capacity of Honda Activa, working women and college going ladies saw it as an easy to drive, high performance vehicle which saved their times and energies.

Even a decade after its launch, Honda Activa continues to be very popular bike in India with many outstanding features. The scooter comes with a four stroke, single cylinder 102 cc engine and generates power of 7 BHP. Honda Activa is available with two variants – Self Start and Kick Start. The vehicle comes with highly rigid chasis made up of molded stainless steel that are designed to carry higher loads, without bumping on the road speed breakers. The Honda Activa scooter has fuel tank capacity of 6 liters and its fuel efficient engine gives a mileage of 45-52kmpl.

The scoter is regarded as an efficient family scooter in India that offers hassle free, smooth riding and handling experience to users at low maintenance cost. Moreover, Honda dealers and authorized have strong presence throughout the country. Other than all these features, the scooter does not make noise like Kinetic Honda and other gearless two-wheel scooters. The scooter also comes with drum brakes at both the ends and is smart enough to provide instant brakes whenever required. Honda Activa is also available in a wide colour options from lucid red, wild purple metallic, pearl sunbeam white, grey metallic, space silver metallic to black. The scooter is available at a price range of 45,500 in India.

A large number of people trust Honda Activa for its ease of usage and reliability in both rural and Urban India. The scooter undoubtly revitalized the gearless Indian two wheeler industry in India and is appreciated as one of the favorite gearless bikes of Indian consumers.


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How to streamline your windows 7 experience

Windows 7 is the one of the most preferred and the most famous windows among the users. The demand of the Windows 7 is much more and preferred only because of its latest features.  In Today’s fast and furious life everybody wants to do complete his or her work within an instant of time and the windows 7 provides these features and services that are capable of doing the work without taking much time. Windows 7 is one of the most preferred windows till date. Windows 7 was specially designed and builds after the many surveys and research work to provide the best service and features so that the user can experience the great and the best features. Windows 7 is one of the Microsoft’s anticipated products. It has the advanced features of the windows vista and also removes the negative things of the previous versions but still the windows 7 can be streamlined. The user at his or her level can modify or improve the features and the services of the windows 7.
 There are some basic and easy tips and tricks through which one can streamline the experience of windows 7:
Try to customize your favorite folders and files
Your list of your favorite folders and files located at the left side of your navigation bar in the Windows Explorer, users can easily customize the list by drag and drop feature of the windows 7 and more important thing you can also make changes in the future also by deleting the folder by simply clicking the right click.
Access to network devices and drives:
User can easily map the hard drives of the network by going in the windows explorer. It is very easy to navigate the hard drive, just go to the explorer and chose the ‘Network Drive’ after selecting user can easily rename it according to his or her desire and also configure the settings of the hard drive.
Managing your favorite section:
User can also drag and drop his or her favorite folders and files in the favorite section according to the frequently uses. One can easily put his or her favorite apps and the favorite lists in this section.
Access the hidden files:
Some important system files are keeping hidden by the operating system to keep your system safe but the admin of the computer system can make desirable changes through the windows explorer.

Theodore Sumrall is a professional content writer working with which provides 24 x7 online technical supports for computer users. Learn about How to Remove Virus and Trojan Virus Removal as well as Spyware Malware Removal too.

Enhance Customer Experience with RIA

Do you like visiting a website that is plain and simple? Would you like a website that is static and has the old conventional style of links on one side and loads of scrolling information on the rest of the page? These kinds of websites are boring and very cumbersome in today’s age. Moreover, getting a share of the Internet market also becomes difficult in such a situation. A simple static website is no longer a good option to attract page views. To enhance customer experience on your website, it has become almost impertinent to include rich internet applications (RIA) on your website.


Rich Internet Applications are web applications that are similar to desktop applications but are accessed via site-specific browser. Apart from improving user satisfaction, RIA provides a wide range of controls specially designed for efficient interaction that engages and guides users in the site. Popular examples of websites with RIA development are Adobe Flash, Adobe flex, Microsoft Silverlight, Ajax and JavaFX. You must have visited some sites that open with Adobe Flash and have special graphics and interactive designs for your convenience. RIA developers are taking special care to include as many features into the website as possible. Thus, today it is common to find word processors, spreadsheets, online games on sites running on RIA. 


Special Features of RIA


When these applications are created through offshore development centers, it is ensured that the website is richer in term of content and look.
They are faster, engaging and much more usable. However it is not easy to design such a website. Most of the time, you have to take help of RIA developers who can help in custom development of your site.
Such websites enable users to directly interact with page elements like dragging and dropping elements within the site. Information is presented to the user in less time as most of the content is on one page itself.
There is lesser navigation from one page to another in the website and users can send their feedback, confirm something and get error messages in the same page. You have to decide how much richness you want in your site. Though you have the option of adding as many features as you want, you have to be careful to restrict yourself.

If you are planning to outsource your custom development project, keep in mind that the needs of your user is kept in mind. Hire the services of a professional offshore development center to get impressive RIA developed for your website like at With high speed internet and less patience to browse for information, it is very important that your site meets the expectations of the user and also draws in more users everyday.

Vishal Arora is an iPhone and Flash expert working as a technical writer with Evon Technologies, an offshore development company dealing with mobile, software, and web application development.For  more info, visit


Ipad Deals: Tabbing Experience Redefined

Ipad is not only the the first of its kind of device but is also the supreme tablet device that has gripped the users imagination and kept them glued to its own interface. The device is available in 16 GB as well as 32 GB module and you could choose between as per your requirement and the memory space you need to store all the fun as well business data to keep with yourself while on the go. Ipad deals of both pay as you go type and the Ipad contract offers are available in the market to be grabbed up. These cheap Ipad offers are offered by all sorts of leading service providers that are popular in the segment. The tablet device is offered as 3 G enabled device and its variant is 3G enabled as well as wi-fi enabled. The former module of the tablet device essentially needs services of a network provider else it can not be fully utilized. The device which is both 3G as well as wi-fi enabled can however be used with the free wi-fi connectivity, be that at home, office or at wi-fi hotspots allowing users to free connectivity.The iPad deals are for 30 days or more tenure while for shorter span of time like say for 1 day to 7 days you can go for the pay as you go cheap Ipad deals. The network providers with some of contract Ipad deals also gives away free Ipad to the users. Free internet usage up to some volume, free internet browsing and downloading at the hotspots, in case the Ipad is wi-fi enabled, are some of other advantages of the cheap Ipad contract deals.
On web portals featuring comparison charts of the details of Ipad deals from several network operators are to be browsed before making a final purchase so that you get a complete idea of these deals and make the best decision for yourself.

John Chelsea is an expert author of telecommunication industry.For more information about mobile phone deals and best mobile phone deals at our online mobile shop.

Google Tech Talk (more below) March 4, 2011 Presented by Katherine Isbister. ABSTRACT With the rise of movement-based input–multitouch, stereo camera system…

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Applying Technique To The Biking Experience

The selection of fitness equipment represents a physical investment on the part of the person who is going to be using it. Many people realize vaguely how much time and effort will be put into their impending workout sessions, but they often fail to take into account how long they will be working for their goals, and many do not realize fully the range of obstacles that may serve to impede their progress.

Even though people may begin with a good set of intentions, resolve can soften quickly when faced with adversity. That is why people that begin a fitness program sometimes stop what they are doing and begin procrastinating or not putting in the right effort, because they are tired of or are bored with the development of their fitness schedule.

This is why the correct techniques need to be applied when using fitness equipment. Along with making movements more effective, the right techniques can also lower their overall strain that the user is feeling, and make it so that every effort that they put in is maximized to the fullest potential.

Essentially, it is a condition that is broken down into two parts. First, there is the alleviation of the overall workload with the right techniques, because it leads to greater movement efficiency.

The correct form and technique maximized every movement and provides the greatest possible benefit possible tot the user. While this may seem like a superfluous concept, every movement that the user makes in the course of their fitness session exerts them and releases some form of stored energy.

Individuals only have so much energy that they can dedicate toward further effort, so making sure that a good physical benefit is received from every movement is a prudent move to observe. This lowers fatigue and the overall impact on the body, because ten perfect movements on a machine may be worth many more imperfect ones, streamlining the overall process.

This is true on an exercise bike as much as it is on any other piece of fitness equipment. The exercise bike provides a deep aerobic workout to the user, and challenges them thoroughly in the process.

The user uses their legs to power a set of pedals in a simulated forward movement, relying on an implanted set of variables to increase the difficulty that comes with pedaling. The bike is specifically engineering to be quickly accessible and productive to the user, but there is an array of steps that the user can take in order to ensure greater returns for their investment in this scenario.

Firstly, the correct posture is highly important to assume in this instance. The ideal posture on the bike is leaning forward comfortably and gripping the handlebars, squeezing down to show a minimum profile. In real life, this posture helps reduce wind resistance, but at home, it helps channel all of the user’s effort into their legs as they go.

Pedaling deeply and quickly is recommended here, along with a steady pace that can be done over a good length of time. There is little benefit to be gained from sitting upright and idly pushing the pedals around with the feet.

Many people unconsciously do this when they begin to feel fatigued. However, breaking stride and applying a wrong technique can actually be counterproductive in this instance, making it so that the user tires much more quickly than they would if they hold to the proper positioning.

Breathing deeply in and out in a steady progression is also highly encouraged. This is because the short quick breaths that people will be inclined to take will actually build up lactic acid in the lungs quicker, shortening the amount of time and energy that the individual can focus on their fitness session before they become overwhelmed with fatigue related issues.

Using an exercise bike to the full amount of its potential requires hard work on the part of the participant, since the primary impetus of any physical improvements will result directly from the effort that it put in. However, maintaining an effective range of techniques and motions while on the equipment can help ensure more productive sessions, and may be able to aid the individual in achieving their objective at a quicker rate.

Jack R. Landry has been writing about the exercise and health industry for years. He recommends using a treadmill to stay healthy and fit.

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BFF's!  Market Research + User Experience Design Great Experiences

GfK’s Shailesh Manga and John Wittenbraker discuss how market research and user experience unite to design the ultimate user experience. Watch the webinar at…
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