Google I/O 2012 – Building Android Applications that Use Web APIs with Yaniv Inbar and Sriram Saroop

Yaniv Inbar Sriram Saroop Google offers a large and growing set of back-end services, from AdSense to Tasks to Calendar to Google+, that can enrich your app, and increasingly they have a uniform set of APIs. This session discusses how to use them efficiently and securely, including authenticating safely and with good user experience, and describes Android-specific app-level optimizations. For all I/O 2012 sessions, go to

HFI Animate: Building Industrial Strength Usability with Dr. Eric Schaffer

Dr. Schaffer talks about the importance of institutionalizing usability and user experience (UX) in organizations in order to reach the highest standards of user centered design. Download a poster of this animation or free whitepaper on institutionalization of usability at . Transcript: For decades user experience designers operated based on craftsmanship. We were a few skilled people with a apprentices. Operating inside organizations in little pockets. But now the return on UX work is known, organizations want more UX work. They want lots of UX work. There are mountains of development projects in most organizations. The Nielson Group group ran a study of 863 design projects and found that on average they spent 8-10% of their budget on usability work. To keep it simple, 10% of the development budget should be spent on UX, which is generally a lot of work. And the mountains of UX work, that has to be done differently. We can’t have serious industrial strength usability based on isolated craftsmanship. Think about building a hospital, that will handle mountains of patients. Would you just hire a bunch of really smart doctors. No, you need smart doctors, but first you need to design and set up the hospital. You need facilities, and equipment, and standards, and methods, and forms, and pipes, and training and certification and cleaning supplies. You need an organizational structure to make those doctors work as part of a cohesive organization. A big

Building the Skype on Xfinity User Experience

I recently had a chance to sit down and chat with Comcast Interactive Media user experience gurus Jamie Hall and Susan Oppelt via Skype on Xfinity about what went into adapting the popular video-chat application Skype for HDTVs. After all, how do you make it easy for anyone in the home to place a video call? In the video below, Susan and Jamie give us the inside scoop on building the look and feel of this next-generation communication platform.