T-Mobile G1 Review – Android User Interface

Review of the Android powered T-Mobile G1. Full review: www.mobileburn.com


  1. franzken says:

    gonna buy one just a little bit more money cause i fucking lost my legend god damn u thief!!!!!

  2. shiguaman says:

    I miss my g1 SOOO much i wish i could get another one

  3. SuperHackboy says:

    @hhokyo i agree with you but the g1 is kinda ugly haha

  4. SuperHackboy says:

    but, will it blend? I DONT THINK SO, LOOK THAT BRICK

  5. HmongBleach says:

    Ight thanks buddy!

  6. phoung1012 says:

    g1 all depends on you buddy but considering dat i have it yes it kiks iphones ass(no offense but android hello) umm well with a two year contract i say around $150. sorry buddy no luck you hafta buy it at a t-mobile store becuz it is carried by t-mobile. but i guess you can buy it online at ebay and stuf…

  7. HmongBleach says:

    Is this phone good? How much is it? WHere can I buy it instead of T-Mobile store? Would anyone recommend it?

  8. easytolearnmagicstuf says:

    Android is an OS, not an UI, so i don’t think so because almost all of the HTC phones are Windows Mobile.

  9. dunker888 says:

    ya u kann i have a G1 but i dont need a data plan i have wi fi in my house so i use dat. so u can as long as u use wi fi

  10. cooldude12345657 says:

    can you download this Ui on any htc phone?

  11. ECST4C says:

    god i nearly regret i bought an ipod touch when i saw this one :( can you have like the same apps that iphone/itouch on this mobile? seems so cuz they showed pacman, now i dont now anything about the phone in this vid but it seems a lot better than the iphone

  12. oMLB4Lo says:

    actually tha iphone can have a back ground yu jus have to jailbreak it.

  13. 1KREEPAH3 says:

    does any one kno if i can get the g1 with out a data plan just a basic plan???

  14. MoForLyf says:

    Windows Mobile OWNZ

  15. demarcos69 says:

    Just got mine, pretty impressed with it so far, only thing i hate is the snapping sound it makes when u open it to use the keyboard and of course not having a 3.5 mm for regular headphones.

  16. skesoh says:

    dnt read this(cuz it really wrks). u will gt kissd on the nearest frieday by the love of ur life. 2mara wll b the bst day of ur life hwever if you dnt post ths comment 2 at least 3 vids u will die withn 2 days nw uv startd readn this dnt stp this is so scary snd ths ovr 2 5 vids in 143 mins

  17. ac521 says:

    Spongebob, do you realize how dumb that comment sounded? The G1 has essentially all the same apps, so it’s likely just as fun, wouldnt you think? Dohhhh

  18. redrose678 says:

    does any one know where to go to complain about there false advertisements ? was told i was going to be able to swap phones now there giving me ahard time and wont :( so dissapointed

  19. spongebobzwifey101 says:

    i personally think the G1 is weird looking but the apps are pretty cool.

    Iphone’s are wayyyyyyy better beacause it’s a nice looking fun and has nice apps.

  20. hhokyo says:

    G1 actually HAS a keyboard. Iphone has the laggy pice of shit virtual keyboard. Not only that, the iphone cant even have a background. its just black. wtf is that. G1 has scroll wheel, call button, end button, home, back, menu, and iphone has….. nothing. G1 costs 25 a month for 400 text and unlimited 3g, or unlimited everything for 35 bucks. Iphone costs 35 for 200 text and 3g. G1 focuses on camera shots, iphone does not, cuz it doesnt have a camera shot button. G1= win, iphone = mega fail.

  21. hhokyo says:

    well, if u were smart enough, u can make ur own ringtones like me.

  22. twenty514 says:

    LMAO i love the passion behind your words lol the only let down IMO is the fact that there isn’t a 3.5mm headset jack; thats it, its still a badass phone. also, the trackball is as valuable as any other feature on this phone too!

  23. DiyaBabyee says:

    its the copy of the IPHONE

  24. codesharkc says:

    Agreed. I don’t get the deal with iTunes. USB cable and file system access is all I need.
    And the android is OPEN SOURCE, backed by a huge community of developers(including myself) with unlimited potential.

  25. svr19 says:

    i regreet so much not getting this phone and i really regret it
    insted i got a behold
    and i should of gotten this one inted it has so many features to it

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