Microsoft Windows 8

★ Comment and thumbs up ★ Please make sure to subscribe my YouTube channel if you haven’t already! Follow me for updates: Twitter – Google+ – Facebook – —————————————————————————————————————- In 1995, Windows changed the PC. In 2012, Microsoft will show you that Windows 8 changes everything!! Windows 8 is the tentative name for the upcoming version of the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems, for use on personal computers. It is expected to be released in 2012. At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Microsoft announced that it would be including support for system-on-a-chip (SoC) and mobile ARM processors in its next version of the Windows operating system. Windows 8 includes a new Hybrid Boot option that uses advanced hibernation functionality on shutdown to allow faster startup times. Another new feature is the ability to create a Portable Workspace, an installation of Windows 8 on a USB storage device. Cloud synchronization, the Ribbon user interface, a built-in PDF reader called Modern Reader, an improved control panel, and the Windows App Store are some of the new features coming up in Windows 8. Here are a few aspects of the new interface: – Fast launching of apps from a tile-based Start screen, which replaces the Windows Start menu with a customizable, scalable full-screen view of apps. -Live tiles with notifications


  1. dierkrieger says:

    You fucked up my XBox.

  2. StraightShooter01 says:

    I like the improvements to file operations, not selling me on the Metro crap though – so long as that can be completely disabled – I mean no SIGN of it – then it MIGHT be a worthwhile upgrade. The Metro design has take common desktop operations and made them more complicated and hidden for normal everyday PC users. FIX IT or at least give an option to DISABLE it.

  3. StraightShooter01 says:

    It sickens me that he adds, as a COMPLETE AFTERTHOUGHT mind you, oh and it works with a mouse as well … unbelievable, the audacity, the balls Microsoft has. Conform or ELSE… you just lost a customer Microsoft – if that matters to you …

  4. StraightShooter01 says:

    Microsoft needs to remember who exactly puts bread on the table for them … MILLIONS of DESKTOP PC USERS – while infinitesimal fraction own tablets and that market is growing, throwing 500 MILLION desktop pcs under the bus because they DONT OWN or EVER plan to BUY a damn touchscreen will mark the beginning of the end for Microsoft’s dominance in the OS market. Clearly hiding every aspect of window navigation, freakin fullscreen ad infested appware start screen – please say it can be DISABLED


    I test Windows 8 Consumer Preview and it’s great, with a normal computer desktop, without touchscreen monitor.
    You can use the Desktop, but now you have the Start menù with METRO interface.
    This is great

  6. teresitangb says:

    Cool more @teresita244

  7. TheFailInspector says:

    As usual, people don’t like superior OS’s. Anyhow, good job Microsoft!

  8. Morcous16 says:

    @UrbanDenim You don’t need a touch screen. If you’re on a laptop, your keyboard replaces necessary touch input. For example, in IE instead of swiping the screen to go “back” you can hit the backspace button. To move between screens, instead of swiping, you can use arrow keys. You can put your mouse in a corner, something a touch screen can’t do. Windows 8 will be good for both.

  9. pleasenomore100 says:

    I like the old UI not this touch screen crap

  10. TheBeginnner says:

    sadly Microsoft kill windows .. :/

  11. bigjdubbbb says:

    I’m really concerned why people want to use their PC’s with sticky and/or greasy fingers so badly. The man said it could be used with mouse and kboard as well. I think it looks great. Can’t wait to move up from xp.

  12. VideoGuyNC says:

    Okay – he said “app” about a trillion times! I hate that trendy term! Also, who wants a touch PC interface? Goodbye Mickeysoft, hello Linux!

  13. 6furm9 says:

    its enough that i paid for 7 but im not buying a Microsoft touch screen and buying a freaking copy of this shit u leeched enough money from us

  14. taesheren says:

    Finally something new and innovative from Windows. I hope they keep this interface design, it looks like a fresh and delightful change from the old and boring Windows look.

  15. rudal90 says:

    windows7 is enough for all profesion

  16. AussieVR4 says:

    So are they saying it will be like my phone when I close an app the thing ISN”T closed properly? And have to go to settings and manually close everything down? That’ll be garbage if thats the case! Windows 7 and I will be together for awhile.

  17. rickcotc says:

    Microsuck does it again

  18. MyXicht says:

    What an unbelievable bullshit! The user has to grope like a fool whit greasy fingers on the screen. Was it designed for Patrick Star?

  19. Cyberpunk747 says:

    Windows 8 Greasy Fingers

  20. skaziks says:

    3:05 WTF??? They designe it??? Apple where first. I have it on my IPad allready!!

  21. massacre401 says:

    @UrbanDenim No.It can be used fluently with mouse and keyboard too.

  22. fredtronica says:

    meh boring! Windows XP FTW!

  23. Aspartame69 says:

    Like you would want to look at high quality photos on a screen covered in fucking fingerprints, absolute fucking idiots lol.

  24. Aspartame69 says:

    This is horrific. Absolute waste of time. All i want to know is how well it runs games, from all this garbage im guessing not so well.

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