I Finally Tried Windows 8, and…

www.lockergnome.com – Microsoft is undoubtedly taking a huge gamble with Windows 8. Changing the user experience almost entirely, Windows 8 is expected to be the first truly cross-device operating system outside of the heavily customized Linux environment. The same OS is expected to work on everything from a desktop computer to a smartphone, giving the user a truly cohesive experience throughout. But big changes are usually accompanied by growing pains as the target market either grows into this new flavor of Windows, or grows away from it. Obviously, Microsoft would prefer the former to the latter, so here are 13 things that we think the company could improve in Windows 8 to accomplish this goal. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: youtu.be www.gnomies.com http www.lockergnome.com profiles.google.com twitter.com www.facebook.com


  1. endless031 says:

    Metro is stupid on desktop PC and opening programs in full screen only on it is idiotic!

  2. timotim27 says:

    You talk as if MS cares that you just want to stay in Metro on a touch tablet…THATS WHY THEY DESIGNED IT THE WAY THEY DID! It gives you CHOICE. Understand though that millions will want both depending on the situation for their mobile tablet that can also be docked and turned into a full laptop type device. Windows 8 isn’t about trying to be one dimensional…its about liberating your OSes from input types and being consumptive vs productive. If all you want is consumption then go for it – W8.

  3. BigBobsh2o says:

    The main problem can be solved by simply enabling a Metro, Aero, or Mixed mode.

  4. batchevski says:

    I thinks there is too much jammed in it

  5. QuickScript89 says:

    @MrTrullyjustbrowsing well what about a labtop or stationary computer that has a touchscreen as well as the standard mouse and keyboard

  6. MrTrullyjustbrowsing says:

    I can see tablets with metro, but a laptop or stationary?? Not in a million years!

  7. MrTrullyjustbrowsing says:

    Windows 7 beats windows 8`s red monkey butt up the hill, and then some. I deleted the whole thing after just an hour of frustrations!

  8. REPOMAN24722 says:

    aero ftw metro sucks

  9. mathwhiz613 says:

    @commercialsaremywife I don’t think what Chris is saying is bipolar. I think he is saying that the tablet and desktop/laptop experiences should be different. Metro should be for tablets and Aero for desktops. And by Chris saying that he only wants one version of Windows released, I believe he means only one version of Windows for the desktop/laptops, not a unified version for desktops/laptops and tablets.

  10. gigalin says:

    @Oook125 agreed

  11. dadasmithywinkle says:

    Cant cram OS X into i-Device, but they can put iOS into OS X no problem…

  12. ksbnr1 says:

    @virginboy92 Really?! Oh no! How will we ever cope without RSS?!…

  13. Oook125 says:

    @commercialsaremywife Pirillo has always been clueless. The problem with Pirillo is that he want to have a constant flow of information to attract daily visitors so that he can pay his bills, but often he runs out of time to do some good research.

  14. Oook125 says:

    Clueless Pirillo seems to forget that development times and costs are greatly reduced with one operating system. Having one OS is a good choice, the only thing they should change is that we should have some major user switch: either Metro or the traditional desktop. So if we pick the traditional desktop, we should a Windows that looks exactly like 7, including the familiar login screen and start button.

  15. Oook125 says:

    @noeproductions Vista was just fine, it just suffered from bad Nvidia and AMD drivers and many whiners who had been using XP for 8 years and couldn’t handle change…the same people who can’t handle the changed in Windows 8, pathetic people if you ask me…sigh

  16. commercialsaremywife says:

    Chris I’m confused. First you say they should only release one version of Windows, and then you also say they should release a computer version and a tablet version. Seems a little bipolar to me.

  17. STVYT says:

    I agree with everything you say…but they did it right in Windows 7, I feel. The home user only has to chose between Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. The other ones either don’t apply or in the case of Starter is pre-loaded. So really it’s just 3 choices.

  18. DavidH373 says:

    I think they should do like 3 editions. Like Home, Enterprise, Server. Price them accordingly, and be done with it.

  19. noeproductions says:

    Windows 8 the new Vista?

  20. SanyaIVLitvyak says:

    @oEDLIo Though it isn’t optimal for Desktop computers without a touchscreen. The normal Desktop layout is more productive in said environment. And since you have to boot into metro and also use it as your start menu, it will be a permanent eye-sore, well at least for me.

  21. virginboy92 says:

    apple’s getting rid of RSS from mountain lion

  22. jwebbed says:

    Aero isn’t there on the arm version.

  23. geunsjl says:

    Just make it with both and let the user chose at installation… Personally (and i’ve tried windows 8) metro would be really nice on touchscreen, but areo is better on a regular pc.

  24. Jallge says:

    @mavalos88 Sure if you wanna install windows 8 on a table. Using it on a tablet on the other hand is a completely different story.

  25. ZpeedTube says:

    If they don’t give you a chance to use ‘classic’ or ‘Windows 7 Theme style’, I don’t want to use Windows 8 on a PC!

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