How to develop your career as a User Experience Practitioner

Senior level User Experience Practitioners are giving advice on how to develop your career and make a major impact in your organization. Speakers include: Julie Jensen, Microsoft Sean Van Tyne, FICO Joely Garderner, ph.d, Human Factors Research Ron George, Microsoft, Mary Lalomia, Microsoft Harvinder Singh, Bestica Tegan Torres, Bestica


  1. razorameen says:

    Like this if you think the guy in the beginning sounds like JaJa Binx from Star Wars

  2. irvbriscoe says:

    lmfao the beginning is hilarious

  3. putoPalo says:

    I like the fade out effect…

  4. koitonaamhoga says:

    One piece of advice.. loose the initial introduction or make it a little more professional.. u r a ux recruitment company.. u need to provide great ux.. the introduction is funeeeeee !!

  5. cmonutube says:

    lolllll the beginning

  6. harvinder71 says:

    Must Watch Video With Excellent Advice from Top Notch UX Professionals.

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