The Best Theme On iOS5 LEGACY

L egacy by The Legacy Team Only 99 cents in the Cydia Store Introducing LEGACY by K.Nitsua (Austin Bradley) & Truckinlow (Jay Friends) Firmware and iDevice Compatibility by SchmilK (Ryan Miller) For: iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPad 1 & 2 (iOS 4.2.1+ & iOS5 compatible) C oncept The theme was conceived on the idea that everyone should have a theme they can enjoy and use, a theme that not only replaced the OS but accented it and enhanced it, a theme that identifies your iDevice as a jailbroken device but not too overbearing on the user and the user experience. I present a theme that truly was designed with you in mind – and not only from a design point of view, but an experience point of view. Truckinlow (Jay Friends) has strived to bring about a UI with clean edges, balanced colors, and professional design that not only beautifies your iDevice but also keeps it readable and usable. K.Nitsua (Austin Bradley) completed ditched the picture-based icon format and dove into custom vector-based icons enhancing the uniqueness of the theme as well as taking full advantage of the retina display. SchmilK (Ryan Miller), with his extension knowledge of cross-device compatibility, is bringing the long sought goal of making this theme a universal and complete theme to the masses. With the theme development already influencing changes in the community and even changes in WinterBoard itself, Legacy is trying to create just that – a legacy. Included in the theme: – Complete UI