Emotion and Motion: Using Movement Design to Shape User Experience (Katherine Isbister)

Google Tech Talk (more below) March 4, 2011 Presented by Katherine Isbister. ABSTRACT With the rise of movement-based input–multitouch, stereo camera systems like the Kinect, accelerometer and gyroscope-enabled mobile and game controls–there’s a much broader palette of choices for how people interact with information and interfaces. In this talk, I’ll present research about how movement impacts our emotions and our connection to others, and implications for how we think about designing interaction with our systems. Movement-based input introduces exciting opportunities for increasing engagement, reducing anxiety, and building social connection, and now is the time to establish new input conventions that will shape how we all use technology in the years to come. Speaker Info: Katherine Isbister is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Digital Media at NYU’s Polytechnic Institute, where she is the Director of the Game Innovation Lab. Her research focus is social and emotional aspects of Human Computer Interaction (seewww.socialgamelab.bxmc.poly.edu), including the design of movement-based interaction. Her work in this area has received coverage through Scientific American, Wired, and NPR.